Dino Miele

Dino Miele is currently the CIO of the largest school board in the Niagara region, serving over 36,000 elementary and secondary students and 115 sites. Having 35 years of experience in Education Technology and Innovation, Dino has been described as both a practical and visionary leader who provides strategic leadership, advisory, and implementation services that Inspire leaders to make informed decisions, empowers educators to be educational innovators and equips students to lead their generation forward. In addition, Dino is also the CEO and co-founder of Spark Niagara (a community and business-based innovation Centre of excellence), ihub-Niagara (a k12 EdTech Startup and co working space) and the National Connect EdTech Conference held annually in Niagara Falls, Canada.

He is also the co-founder and chair of the Niagara CIO Consortium (NCC) comprised of 7 key CIO’s from the Municipal, University, College, School Boards and Health sectors in the Niagara Region. Dino serves on several Advisory Boards including the ORION Board of Directors, Generator at One Advisory Panel, the OECM Customer Council Committee and the Ministry of Education’s Broadband Modernization Program (BMP) and the Provincial EdTech Broadband Internet Innovation Center (BIIC) which includes forward leading K12 cyber-safety, awareness and security initiatives.

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