August 22 & 23 2019


5875 Falls Ave Niagara Falls




# Professional Speakers

Who Are We ?

We are siberX

siberX is a roaming, customized platform for training, events and skills development. We utilize leading industry certifications to train and test professionals – with a team of multi-disciplinary experts, we run live simulations and war games to recreate threats, scenarios and responses faced across industries.

Our Essence

The Security of Confidence

Through training and testing, siberX will establish confidence in professionals. Our programs will instill confidence to respond to the very latest industry trends.

Our Mission

The siberX Factor

siberX will test and train professionals  – we will champion a community of practice under the siberX factor.

Our Promise

A Brewing Storm

siberX is proactive and not reactive. Our team will prepare you for tomorrow’s needs, today.